The series “Socio-Economic Education and Research” is published in cooperation with the eponymous specialist society and primarily brings together double-blind refereed publications that are committed to the renewal of the economy (in the dual sense of economics and business studies). It brings together innovative theoretical, empirical and didactic approaches that critically examine orthodox economics as well as globally standardized textbook economics, offer alternative approaches to economic phenomena, problems and policies and develop explanatory approaches embedded in social science. Despite all their plurality and heterogeneity, these approaches share the common assumption that problem-oriented, interdisciplinary and pluralistic approaches to social problems and political challenges are needed in order to be able to analyze economic issues in their social, ecological, political, historical, ethical, spatial, cultural and educational contexts. To this end, they develop new approaches in research and teaching – usually from an interdisciplinary perspective. They are committed to the principles of interdisciplinarity, plurality and controversy as well as to permanent ethical reflection. The editors of the series are Christian Fridrich, Silja Graupe, Udo Hagedorn, Reinhold Hedtke, Georg Tafner und Eva-Maria Walker.

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