1st annual conference

The first conference took place from the 16. until 18. March 2017 in cooperation with the Academy for Political Education Tutzing at the Starnberger Lake. In this context, Sascha Spoun, Michael Hartmann, Jack Reardon, as well as other referents, presented theoretical approaches and concepts about the socioeconomic education and science and discussed these with over 50 experts from economics, sociology, didactical sciences and economic pedagogy.

Invitation Text

As a moral philosopher, Adam Smith, the founder of the classical economics, was already a social scientist, according to this job title. Since then, the self-conception of economics has developed itself into another direction: “More geometrico” was viewed as the ideal and in today’s presence, the socio- and historical background seem hardly present anymore. “Socioeconomics” contradict this development.

The disciplinary foundation of socioeconomics, its scientific and didactical facets as well as questions of impact research shall be topics of our conference. Presuming that socioeconomics is not a natural, but rather a multiparadigmatic social science, we will research the question, whether – and if so, to what extent – scientific principles of interdisciplinarity, pluralism and ethics are integrable into university-related and scientific didactical conceptions.

Thursday, 16. March, 2017 
Saturday, 18. March, 2017


Akademie für politische Bildung Tutzing


Michael Spieker
Tim Engartner