About the AS*EER

The central aim of the Association for SocioEconomic Education and Research (ASEER) is to concentrate the scientific and methodological discourse about the inter- and transdisciplinary as well as the pluralistic and problem-driven directed education and science in the field of socioeconomics.


Socioeconomic education and science are based on the ASEER’s self-concept of a multi-paradigmatic social science that systematically combines and integrates the perspectives and results of business sciences, sociology and political sciences in regard to research, teaching and education. The association pleads for a problem-driven, inter-disciplinary and pluralistic approach towards social and economic problems, as well as political obstacles. It enables a scientific discourse about how economic questions can be analyzed, reflected, taught and learned within their social, economic, political, historical and cultural context.


Many curricula in schools and universities excavate the field of economics from its social, political, historical and cultural contexts. By doing so, it promotes one-sided and simplistic world views, limits options of action and hinders the process of problem-solving, sometimes making it even impossible. Therefore, the reflection and solution of today’s economic, ecological, sociocultural and historical challenges hypothesize not only the modernization of economic didactics, but also of economic-scientific research and teaching. The ASEER promotes this modernization.


The ASEER offers the following possibilities of collaboration and exchange:

  • Events in terms of colloquia;
  • Workshops and conferences (events);
  • Sections with emphasis on selected topics;
  • Publication and support of scientific pertinent publications;
  • Participation in scientific political counsel.

These offers are supposed to encourage theoretically-guided, empirically-grounded, scientific and politically-relevant research, teaching and education.