2nd annual conference

The second conference took place from 27. February until 01. March 2018 in cooperation with the Academy for Political Education Tutzing at the Starnberger Lake. Under the title “Historicity and sociality within the socioeconomic education”, did – among others – Werner Abelshauser and Birger Priddat present and discuss the historical and social context of socioeconomic education.

Invitation Text

Historical developments and social contexts are equally relevant for economic institutions, structures and processes. Therefore, our conference addresses the question of how the area of economy should be viewed from a historical and socioscientific perspective.

We will only gain a broad image of our real-life situations with a multi- and transdisciplinary view on the world. Because of that, the conferences’ inputs are searching for answers to questions like: Which historical developments mark markets, businesses or economic-political decisions? To what extent are social conditions relevant for economic and social systems? How to interdependences between economy and society become visible? To what extent can socioeconomic education and science help with answering such questions?

Tuesday, Februar 27, 2018 
Thursday, March 1, 2018


Akademie für politische Bildung Tutzing